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How A lot Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

Every Monday and Friday, Margaret offers hyper-specific viewing recommendations in our Watching newsletter. Read her latest picks below, and sign up for the Watching newsletter here.

‘The Impossible Row’
When to watch: Now, on the Discovery website or YouTube.

If you love the motorcycle-trip trilogy “Long Way Down,” “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Up,” try this documentary series about a group of people who decide to row from Chile to Antarctica. How do you prepare for such a voyage? Oh, by getting a rowing machine and having a pal throw ice water at you while you practice perseverance. The 10 short episodes are full of earnest determination and an imperviousness to discomfort, which feel like good qualities to embrace here in Late Quar.

‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’
When to watch: Now, on HBO Max.

The good news is that all three seasons of this joyous, eccentric series are now streaming. The bad news is that there will not be a fourth season, and I, for one, am crushed. This faux lifestyle show, starring Amy Sedaris, is funny and endlessly original — where else will you hear about “the ham that refreshes”? Beyond its humor, “At Home” also includes the most vivid abject art you will find on television. Sure, it’s couched in the show’s crazed happiness, but watching people glue individual beard hairs onto their faces is its own poetry of revulsion.

‘Blown Away’
When to watch: Season 2 arrives Friday, on Netflix.

Season 2 of this glassblowing reality contest show is just as kindhearted Season 1 and just as easy to down in one big gulp: There are only 10 episodes, and they’re all a half-hour each. Contestants make cool glass art, the judges offer restrained and supportive critiques, and we all learn about techniques and style. Fun! Learn from me and do not start this at midnight, unless you, too, love Googling “glass classes near me after Covid” at 4:30 in the morning.

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